One day, one room and everything changed! Thank you for giving me my confidence back. I flew all the way from London for your expertise but it was worth it. The medical team was very polite, professional and happy to answer my questions. We even had two Skype sessions for my convenience. Special thanks to the internet marketing group that provided me with the necessary info regarding my travel to Athens Greece. As far as the centre is concerned, I was rather surprised by its modern architecture. Nice job, thank you again!

Irine Panou

In VF Clinics, I was given sufficient information and various options regarding hair restoration methods.
The result was amazing, thank you for giving me my confidence back!

George P., 47 y.o.

I would like to thank all the members of the medical team, for their caring and support during my hair transplantation procedure, and for making me look and feel younger.

Aris T., 55 y.o.

The medical team was very professional and courteous.
I would highly recommend VF Laser Clinics to anyone considering hair transplantation.

Nikos K., 34 y.o.

It is a great feeling when people tell me how much more younger I look with my hair restored.

James Swash

The advice was well researched and helpful. The doctors took the time to explain my situation and made it easy to understand. I’m very impressed with the results.

Pietro Sandroni

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